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Interviews - Team Building - Staff parties

Interviews can be a monotonous and time consuming ritual for every Manager and Business owner.

We put ourselves through this for one purpose alone, to find someone with the right qualities for your business, your brand and your reputation.

What if there was a way to make it more fun and entertaining?

The Escape Game Carmarthen has a solution for you.

How Many People
Lie? estimates that 85% of ALL job applicants Falsify a resume to gain employment.

Bad Staff Cost
£132,000 estimate the cost of a bad 42k manager, can cost a company up to £132k in the first year when taking into account the training and costs to reputation, productivity and sales. 

of staff

it is estimated that 33% of staff do not make it past their probationary period due to either insufficient references, or not being compatible

From the comfort of your control room

Here you can offer a new approach to your interviews with a practical element.

From the comfort of your own meeting room with a deep fluffy carpet you can sit back and relax while you observe your candidates on 50 inch TV's with game sounds. You see and hear whatever we are seeing or hearing in the control room - live, so you can take notes and see how they perform in a variety of tasks aimed at testing someone's problem solving. Our Themed games are perfect for this use.

We can book you into our venue at a convenient time to you, we will shut down our games to the public while you are here so you can conduct your meetings, activities, interviews and games in private and undisturbed.

We offer our tailored packages based on whichever factor suits you best:


Interview Package Pricing:


6 Candidates £269

1x 1 hour game for 6 people

2 hours use of our monitoring room for study/interviews

Free Wifi

Complimentary Water & Hot drinks

12 Candidates £449

2x 1 hour game for 6 people

3 hours use of our monitoring room for study/interviews

Free Wifi

Complimentary Water & Hot drinks

21 Candidates £659

4x 1 hour game for 6 people

6 hours use of our monitoring room for study/interviews

Free Wifi

Complimentary Water & Hot drinks


See how your future staff works with people they have never met, see how they solve problems while under the constraints of time.

You can spot the desired qualities in leadership, motivation and perseverance to complete a task calmly and collectively while under pressure.

Escape Game Carmarthen FUN

Who is hidden behind the CV? Who are you really speaking too? What are the truly like out of an interview?

In an Escape room you get the answers to these questions and see who your future staff really are, how they perform and you begin to understand the person and their personality. 


By Identifying their qualities and seeing how fantastic your new team members are you can understand how they fit into your business.

See their sense of fun, drive and humour. Use the information to help you decide on if this person can be a blessing to your business.

Fancy a new approach?

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