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Whilst maintaining our foothold on the Moon, you are carrying out your daily duties in Control. The station is thriving, residents are happy and The crop studies are a success. You are paving the way for the first colonists to leave earth and join you in just a few short years. With construction going to plan and the fundamentals all in place, something goes seriously wrong in the Control Room isolating your team from the rest of the Lunar Module and your colony mission becomes an escape mission.

The Moon is an unforgiving environment, when your L.A.I.K.A shuts down, AI has sent the Base into chaos.

You need to manually override core systems in order to use the emergency exit to the THR module (Terra Habitation & Cultivation Research) so your team rejoin your fellow colonists in the main complex.  Time is pressing, oxygen is falling and you have less than 60 minutes to restore it before you are replaced by countless applicants back on Earth.

Difficulty rating 58%

based on 42 of every 100 groups escaping

Suitable for 2 to 6 Players


READ before booking:

Room is 100% Logic Based without heavy or intensive riddles or maths. Perfect for Logical thinkers.

Suitable for ages 12+ Unsupervised

Any age welcome with Supervision


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