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New Game

Your mission is not going to be an easy one because we do not know all of the answers you need at this time.  While deep in the secluded jungle of South America our elite professor Dr. [REDACTED]is studying the key components of [REDACTED].  He has since gone dark. 


We have no idea what you will find, if he is alive or if its a simple case of communications failure.  His camp in the [REDACTED] region was well away from anyone likely to stumble across it and his vital updates on the [REDACTED] research have stopped coming.


We are sending in you, our corporations most skilled tracker team to locate the camp, locate Dr. [REDACTED] and do whatever necessary to get the [REDACTED] research back to us.

Suitable for 2 to 6 Players


Difficulty Level -  EASY

Anticipated Escape Rate - 70+ %

Shocks -   one

Jump Scares -   None

Limited Vision -   Partial, dark at times, ground fog

Trip Hazards -   yes

 Wheelchairs -   Not Suitable


NOTE: This game is not suitable for heeled shoes, the floor is soft and can be damaged easily.

minimum Age Rating without adult in room playing too


When Accompanied by an Adult, we permit any age of player into REDACTED

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