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Rumour has it that in 1541 a witch by the name of Hypatia was tortured and killed by the Pain-Giver to isolate the location of a powerful trinket. Legend says that this trinket went into the oubliette and never left. Its power is like nothing else.


You are unlucky, you find yourself in the depths of a castle under the control of the nameless pain-giver for crimes of mysterious supernatural power, witchery and wizardry. Or are you unlucky? The only way you could get into the Oubliette was to lie about your power and try to find the Trinket, BUT IS ESCAPE EVEN AN OPTION NOW YOU ARE HERE?

Without that item you have no hope of escape, you don't have much time... you must hurry!

"No Escape - Only Death" | the pain-giver

Difficulty rating 47%

based on 53 of every 100 games escaping

Suitable for 2 to 6 Players

READ before booking: AGE RATING (SEE BELOW)

This is a highly immersive room, It is designed to add fear and supernatural immersion to your game. Many of the elements in this game are designed to scare and shock players.  This room has a disturbing realism.

DISCLAIMER: To achieve a oubliette there are many life-like props in use which are of a sensitive nature and players with a weak tolerance to gore are not advised to play.

REQUIREMENTS: To begin this game you will be required to have your vision restricted with a bag, (our bags are pillow cases which are boil washed after every use and our washing powder will not offend your nose) and  handcuffed you will be lead by feel to the start-point. If you are not comfortable with this, please consider booking one of our other games instead.


this game is considered disturbing as there is replica bodies, bones and jump scares. Players begin with a bag on heads and wearing cuffs.

It is the parents discretion on if your child is ok with this environment and not the responsibility of Escape Game Carmarthen.

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