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The secret research company Spider Technologies has already infected 20% of the world's population with a mind-control virus.

Your task: Find the antidote by Dr. Bergmann, get access to the main server and prevent the disaster!

Working remotely you will (with the assistance of your team) access various components remotely around Carmarthen in a bid to save humanity before it is too late.

Suitable for 2 to 8+ Players

This is a 100 minute outdoor interactive game around Carmarthen, the route will involve lots of walking (around 1.6 miles!) 

After joining us at Escape Game Carmarthen for your introduction you will then head out with your team to crack the case and complete the game.

The person who made the booking will need valid Photo ID. The iPad and game kit must be returned at the end of your time slot.




This game is played outdoors, should you need to rearrange for bad weather then you can do this up to the day before your game. Or if you have purchased our add on 2 hour change (£2.50 at checkout) then you can change our game time up to 2 hours before your booking without loosing your deposit.

Adult Supervision


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