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Thank you for your interest in Escape Game Carmarthen.


As a small, independent business we rely heavily on donations from the community to help us provide games to good causes.


With staggering number requests for free games we find ourselves having to limit the number of games we can give to such causes, raffles, fairs and charities. We hold our donation selection on the 5th day of each month and the number of games we give away depends on local purchases for this cause. We match any players purchased as a donation. For Example, a business donates a game of 4, we match it.

Currently we donate between 1 and 2 games a month to charitable causes.


We select the causes that we feel will benefit most from our voucher.  If you would like to donate a game to our prize fund, we would be extremely thankful and make sure your name is on the gift voucher that is presented.

So Please select the relevant form below to submit your application for a donation.

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